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early 60's to early 70's muscle era

Retro Muscle Cars are still a style statement for the car geeks and everyone dreams to own at least one. We provide the portal back in time to bring you’re the finest refurbished muscle cars from the 20th century which provide you with the same retro feels with the ungraded and more powerful engines. Do not worry about the quality as all our customs are professionally done and sealed.
some of our


Our super collection has the finest and the most powerful cars of the late-era, which will be more than enough to make you feel the nostalgia inside and outside of the cars.

1973 Camaro RS LS2

Our super collection has the finest and the most powerful cars of the late-era, which will be more than enough to make you feel the nostalgia inside and outside of the cars.

1953 f-100 custom

The Ford F-100 is a retro truck fully customed with the luxury interiors and comfortable seats. The colour scheme gives it a flashy look with the classic concept of an old truck. Best suited for your collection.

muscle car windshield

1972 Corvette roadster

The 1972 special edition roadster by Corvette was a dream sports car for many. If you haven’t got a chance to put a hand on it yet, our customed roadster will be the best choice for your dreams to come true finally.

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premium-quality services, since 1955

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We have a never-ending list of custom cars which brings the retro designs to a whole new refurbished and revised model. Our professional mechanics have worked hard to keep the concept intact while giving it a new look throughout. You will have a hard time to recognize your car and love it at the same time.
cool 72 Cheyenne Super
A 4×4 lifted Chevy truck with custom-built interiors.
1972 c10
Finest work done over you favourite 4×4 rally truck.
1970 black cherry cst
Glossy looks to your old truck from old and dusty to brand new and smooth as a feather.
1961 Chevy Impala BubbleTop
A powerful deliverance with the new style interiors and a brand new paint job.
1962 Chevy Impala
A powerful deliverance with the new style interiors and a brand new paint job.
65 Chevy Impala Rat Coupe
Siter of the Impala, this boy can bring the power back in your life with a brand new colour scheme
happy cars, happy clients


Damn! I really wanted to have a Mustang Boss in my garage, and now I have one, and it feels like the garage has become my home
Virgil Cole
If you have heard of 1970 Ford Torino GT, I have it. This beast is still alive and as good as new in my garage. I respect its worth and only take it out on special occasions. It demands respect!
Ernest Cox
I cannot stop admiring my brand new custom truck from musclecargarage. Now I am usually out with my peers with camping gear in the back of my 70’s 4x, and people can’t stop but notice.
Isaiah Reynolds
Testimonial Photo
My white 1970 Ford Falcon Super Cobra JET 429 shines brighter than any of the new cars that I have. I cannot resists sitting in this car before I take my regular car for work. It is normal to expect attention whenever I take it out for a run.
Rose Galler

Parts for sale

Our service delivers the performance checks and defects in your loved cars. We provide all the parts for all retro cars and offer the following services as well.
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Contact our office to check out our services and offers and get to know more about your favourite cars and what it needs to stay strong.

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Types Of Commercial Safes


Commercial safes have been the highest loss prevention measure for businesses since forever. They are a safe home for everything you do not want to be snatched away from you. Businesses and companies have a special need for commercial safes to protect their valuables, including confidential records, special equipment, documents, data, media, etc.

Since commercial safes have now been the focus of businesses, the dynamism of commercial safes has been enhanced. With different types of commercial safes manufactured today, you can select from the unique purpose and functionality each is designed to serve. Types of commercial safes include:

Office Safes

While an office safe may somewhat look like a home safe, they are often safer and stronger than a home safe. They are great for retail businesses, restaurants, and offices. This type of commercial safe is quite appealing because it has a fire-resistance rating, so In case a fire breaks out, your valuables including money, document, and other items will be kept safe and sound. Office safes have burglary protection as they are drop tested. A burglar won’t be able to gain access to the content even after repeated dropping.

Media Safes

Media safes are highly important to every business today. It is a great thing that many businesses are now thriving and enjoying the use of Media safes today. Media safe sare specially designed to house and protect digital media such as memory cards, CDs, flash drives, film, floppy diskette, videotapes, audiotapes, and other digital storage devices. The items kept in this safe are those that cannot withstand higher temperatures and lower humidity.

Media safes are just the perfect safe for businesses that deal with a large number of people because the world has conformed to the use of data information.

In-floor Safes

In-floor safes are concealed in the concrete and prevented from the sight of thieves. Since they don’t know where your safe is, they can’t attack it, therefore your documents are kept safe. An in-floor safe is generally inaccessible for illegal access. It is a popular choice of safe in the commercial field because of its ability to appear nonexistent.

High security safe

The high-security safe is a top commercial safe that offers a very high level of security due to its advanced security features. They are fire-resistant and have burglary protection. They have thick steel and multiple barriers that make them resistant to drilling.

They have an additional lock mechanism that denies access to anyone trying to break in. Every business keen on getting high security and unmatched protection will get this from high-security commercial safes.

Bank Vaults

A bank vault is also referred to as a strongroom as they are strong indeed. It is developed to serve great security purpose for big organizations like banks, grand hotels, government agencies, special book libraries. Valuable assets including money, customer documents, etc can go in here.

The greatest loss that can happen to a commercial firm is the loss of information and data. This can be prevented by keeping information in documents and data safe in commercial safes.

The Best Cars Need the Best Protection


All About Garage Door Repair and Installation talks about a few of the important aspects to consider when purchasing a new garage door.



Looking for a company in Houston for garage door installation or repair? Talk to the experienced professionals at 24/7 Garage Door Solutions of Houston.


Are you hunting for a Houston area garage door installer or repairman? At 24/7 Garage Doors of Houston, we?re ready to help you with any issue you may have, on both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you?re looking to install major commercial doors or just want to add an electronic remote opener to your current doors at home, we can help you with courteous service, excellent results, and competitive pricing.


We offer:


Certified Operation. Our company is certified to work with these products, and with our experience, you take the risk out of setting up your own wiring or trying to handle the heavy lifting that comes with working with some of these large products. We know the equipment, and are certified to use it safely.

Courteous and professional staff. Our staff is trained to treat every one of our customers like the neighbors they are to us. As a locally operated business, we make sure we build strong and lasting relationships with our customers, and that relationship is built from the ground up by every one of our servicemen.

Guaranteed workmanship. We stand by our work. If you’re unsatisfied with what we’ve done, we’ll make it right. With our experience, and the fact that we only use top quality materials, we believe we?re going to get it done right the first time. And we have a long list of customers who have found this to be true.


So if you need new doors in Houston, the garage door specialists are at 24/7 Garage Door Solutions of Houston. We’re ready to help you on your next project, big or small. We want to give your car a safe place to spend the night, and an easy way to get in and out. Contact us today for a free estimate.

The Laws on Muscle Cars Windshield Replacement or Customization in Arizona

muscle car windshield

Are you searching for a windshield replacement service provider in the area? Well, they are many in numbers, but you must pick the most reliable one to handle your task.

It is very difficult and dangerous to drive a car with a cracked windshield; they must be replaced as soon as possible. Sometimes, people even get qualified for free replacement services as per the latest laws of windshield repair in Arizona. The article below will guide you towards these laws so that you can avail desired set of services on-time:

Regulations in Arizona

The Department of Transportation at the United States have designed some federal regulations that represent minimum requirements for visibility through a cracked windshield. The state citizen in the state needs to be careful and aware of these regulations. The case of free windshield repair ,  when the damage happens in the middle, right above the area of the steering wheel. In case if the vehicle has not undergone any intersecting crack, the terms may vary.

One can ask professionals at the Department of Transportation to get complete details about these national requirements. In many areas, the government has given full authority to the legal service providers to make reports on how much damage has happened. They will also present your case in front of the judges to decide the claims.

Considering free windshield replacement cases:

As per the free windshield replacement law, the conditions must be verified by legal professionals every time. The fact is that these laws are subject to change from state to state, and hence, the claims must be filed by checking recent guidelines. In case if the terms and conditions of your insurance policy cover auto glass replacement, they may need to provide full cover for the windshield repair and replacement.

Other than Arizona, there are many other states that follow specific rules for free windshield replacement. The list may include Kentucky, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and South Carolina as well.

In case if you have purchased a vehicle, it is important to get it insured to be safe for the tough times. There are numbers of insurance companies in the market that claim catchy services and special perks with policies. But not all of them are equally reliable. While dealing with auto insurance, it is important to check all available policies and compare their terms and conditions. Get a clear idea about what kind of benefits you may avail and what are the restrictions and caps over them. It will help you to get the right assistance at the time of windshield replacement.

There is no need to drive with the broken windshield as it may cause life-threatening issues on the road. Prefer to follow state laws strictly and give more priority to safety matters. Take help from legal experts like Lyons Snyder to handle your insurance claims whenever required. They know the right procedures and techniques to present your case in front of the court so that you can avail maximum benefits.



The Best Classic Cars For People Who Are Buying Vintage Cars

Vintage Cars

Vintage cars have always captured the imagination and the whimsy of a lot of car enthusiasts across the planet. So many of them actually drool when they get wind of a vintage car or even when they get a mention of it. They have a certain type of love for these kinds of cars that give them a feeling like they are a superhero for just buying and driving that vintage car. They get a happy feeling when they hear that there is a gallery showcasing vintage cars and may even sell a couple of them.

They spend so much of their hard-earned money on cars that can barely give a decent mileage and run properly. Even though there are so many amazing options that we can choose from, options that run amazingly and will make you really happy that you bought it, but instead they choose to buy vintage cars. Most of them buy them because they collect vintage cars; they don’t use them as their daily driver.


In this article, I have provided a list of some amazing vintage cars that you should check out before you make the purchase.


  1. The BMW 2002 is a car from the 1960s and 1970s and is such a great choice. The price can range from $12,000 to $24,000 and was a very significant car in its time. It can easily be said that this car was one of the best cars that was responsible for the now, gigantic success of the company. In some cases you can find fresh models of this car which have never been driven, these pieces can easily sell at $30,000 and upwards. It all depends on how well it is preserved and the ones who are selling it.
  2. The Ford Mustang from 1964 to 1973 deserves a spot on this list. You can find on from $9000 to $21,000. It is one of the most amazing cars that gives off a timeless vibe because it is indeed, timeless. This one is a first-generation classic that will earn you a lot of respect from other vintage car enthusiasts alike.
  3. The Mercedes Benz SL line is an era-defining like of cars which are absolutely spectacular. In this list, I am talking about the one from 1971 to 1989. This car was the perfect marriage between technology and luxury driving. You would be lucky to own and drive this car.
  4. The Volkswagen Karmman Ghia, which is also a convertible and like a beetle underneath the gorgeous exterior. You would be lucky if you found this car between $5000 and $15,000 because it is an absolute beast.

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