Types Of Commercial Safes


Commercial safes have been the highest loss prevention measure for businesses since forever. They are a safe home for everything you do not want to be snatched away from you. Businesses and companies have a special need for commercial safes to protect their valuables, including confidential records, special equipment, documents, data, media, etc.

Since commercial safes have now been the focus of businesses, the dynamism of commercial safes has been enhanced. With different types of commercial safes manufactured today, you can select from the unique purpose and functionality each is designed to serve. Types of commercial safes include:

Office Safes

While an office safe may somewhat look like a home safe, they are often safer and stronger than a home safe. They are great for retail businesses, restaurants, and offices. This type of commercial safe is quite appealing because it has a fire-resistance rating, so In case a fire breaks out, your valuables including money, document, and other items will be kept safe and sound. Office safes have burglary protection as they are drop tested. A burglar won’t be able to gain access to the content even after repeated dropping.

Media Safes

Media safes are highly important to every business today. It is a great thing that many businesses are now thriving and enjoying the use of Media safes today. Media safe sare specially designed to house and protect digital media such as memory cards, CDs, flash drives, film, floppy diskette, videotapes, audiotapes, and other digital storage devices. The items kept in this safe are those that cannot withstand higher temperatures and lower humidity.

Media safes are just the perfect safe for businesses that deal with a large number of people because the world has conformed to the use of data information.

In-floor Safes

In-floor safes are concealed in the concrete and prevented from the sight of thieves. Since they don’t know where your safe is, they can’t attack it, therefore your documents are kept safe. An in-floor safe is generally inaccessible for illegal access. It is a popular choice of safe in the commercial field because of its ability to appear nonexistent.

High security safe

The high-security safe is a top commercial safe that offers a very high level of security due to its advanced security features. They are fire-resistant and have burglary protection. They have thick steel and multiple barriers that make them resistant to drilling.

They have an additional lock mechanism that denies access to anyone trying to break in. Every business keen on getting high security and unmatched protection will get this from high-security commercial safes.

Bank Vaults

A bank vault is also referred to as a strongroom as they are strong indeed. It is developed to serve great security purpose for big organizations like banks, grand hotels, government agencies, special book libraries. Valuable assets including money, customer documents, etc can go in here.

The greatest loss that can happen to a commercial firm is the loss of information and data. This can be prevented by keeping information in documents and data safe in commercial safes.

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